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MRWorlds - Creates New Breakthrough Technology in Mixed Reality (MR), more real than digital VR, more accurate than VR video, and can restore the real scene in the most truthful way to simulate an interactive "real" world.

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The products of MRWorlds are high-tech products integrating mixed reality technology (AR,VR,XR), artificial intelligence technology, visual processing and spatial big data


JingXi Scenic Roaming

Different from previous VRs, it can travel freely in the collected space by using efficient scene acquisition technology. It can be widely used in real MR shopping, exhibition hall, real estate exhibition, public security anti-terrorism and fire prevention.

AnHan Medical

The diagnosis and treatment process is made into MR content, which is convenient for customers to get familiar with the diagnosis and treatment process, reduce fear, and bring convenience to the training and teaching of doctors.

Outdoor Sport

Create publicity content for the club, so that visitors can choose different roaming sites, immersive experience the beauty. What you see is what you get and you swim in space.

Magazine Media

Through the rapid panoramic scanning of celebrity interviews, star roles are placed in the scenes required. Fans can roam through the scenes through VR glasses to achieve "zero distance" contact with idols.

Creating "Community Oasis"

By implanting surrounding communities and shops, residents can browse around the surrounding communities and shopping malls in the roaming experience area, or they can enjoy the real scene shopping through mobile phone,PC,PAD and other devices without leaving their homes. While providing convenient services, it can conduct commercial diversion and build a visualized real estate platform in the future to truly realize the "community oasis".

Party Member Education

The propaganda and education system of the party construction initiated in China was officially unveiled. Combining the requirements of the party construction work in the new era with MR technology, the propaganda and education product of the party construction in the new era and new situation was created by creatively integrating the red classical culture and the latest modern means of information dissemination across boundaries.

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